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Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

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About the Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

Experience the city's iconic architecture from the great seat in the house—the river in Chicago architecture boat tour. Our experienced tour guides will outline the 130-year history of the skyline while our bartenders and staff will keep you relaxed and amused. On our 75-minute Architecture River Tours, you'll see over 40 Chicago attractions, ranging from hidden treasures to the city's most well-known sights. This comprehensive trip follows all three branches of the Chicago River into the city's center. It's the one thing everyone in Chicago advises you to do correctly.

Cruise down all three Chicago River branches with architecture boat tours of Chicago. An onboard docent can provide information on 40 historic structures. See the Tribune Tower, the Wrigley Building, Trump Tower, Marina City, the Willis Tower, and other structures. Relax with a drink from the cash bar on board. You may bypass the ticket counter and proceed directly to the boarding queue by purchasing your ticket online.


Best Chicago Architecture Boat Tour Option

Chicago Lake and River Architecture Tour

On this architecture boat tour Chicago, you can float around the Chicago River while seeing the city's famous landmarks. Your onboard guide will discuss the stunning cityscape with more than 40 prominent buildings, such as Navy Pier, the Wrigley Building, and the John Hancock Building, as it passes. As you cross all three Chicago river branches, you will see the East Bank Club, the iconic Post Office Building, and the Willis Tower. Utilize the assistance of your professional tour guide to learn about the three branches of the Chicago River in this Chicago Architecture boat tour. Utilize the best vantage point to see the distinctive city skyline and architecture.

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Chicago Architecture River Cruise

On this Chicago boat architecture tour, witness the city's iconic buildings as you float along the Chicago River. Watch the breathtaking skyline pass by as it is described by your onboard guide, which includes more than 40 famous structures, including Navy Pier, the Wrigley Building, and the John Hancock Building. Pass the East Bank Club, the historic Post Office Building, and the Willis Tower across all three Chicago River branches. Discover the three branches of the Chicago River with the help of your knowledgeable tour guide. Take advantage of the ideal viewpoint in the distinctive city skyline and architecture. Learn about the significant occasions that influenced Chicago's architectural history.

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Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

The most significant way to view Chicago's famed architecture is on a sail along the Chicago River with architectural boat tours of Chicago. From the luxury of an open-deck boat, cruise by iconic landmarks including the Civic Opera House, Wrigley Building, and Willis Tower. You'll learn more than you would by simply looking at the buildings on your own since live narration narrates each one's unique history. Visit Chicago's most iconic structures while on an architectural cruise. Learn about the past and trivia of municipal structures and skyscrapers. The Chicago architectural Boat offers covered and open-air deck choices to accommodate weather as you cruise along all three of the river's significant branches.

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Benefits To Book Chicago Architecture Boat Tour From Us

The best choice to get tickets for the Chicago Architecture Boat Tour is online. You can take advantage of the many benefits such as advance purchases, online transactions, mobile access, incredible bargains, discounts, etc.

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  • Book in Advance By making a reservation in advance, you can dodge the ticket office lines and board a cutting-edge cruise to explore all three branches of the Chicago River for 60 or 75 minutes while taking in the city's renowned architecture with architectural boat tours of Chicago.

  • At your Convenience The most remarkable thing about purchasing tickets online is that you can do so while lounging at home or traveling; you don't have to waste time waiting in a ticket line for hours.

  • Avail of Best Deals and discounts To make your journey even more delightful, purchasing your tickets online enables you to take advantage of the most incredible discounts and savings on architectural boat tour Chicago tickets.

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What to Expect With Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

  • The Wrigley Building, which served as the corporate headquarters for the popular chewing gum, was fashioned after Spain's Giralda Tower in the Seville Cathedral. The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company is still located there, and it is probably most recognized for the city's brilliant white nighttime illumination provided by its towers.

  • The Willis Tower is the center of Chicago's downtown and where work and play will be done in the future. When admiring Chicago's skyline, it's challenging to overlook the 110-story building because it's the second-highest building in the city and one of the world's tallest structures.

  • An 82-story, mixed-use residential skyscraper named Aqua Tower is located in the Lakeshore East neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

  • An example of an ethnic-Chinese neighborhood in the United States is the Chinatown neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois, on the South Side.

  • The Merchandise Mart in Chicago is a famous structure with plenty of office space and premier home showrooms.

  • The Navy Pier has attracted tourists for more than a century and is a must-see on any trip to Chicago.

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Know Before You Book Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

Meet Up Points
Things to Keep in Mind
Other Essentials

  • On a single architectural boat tour Chicago, you can see every marvel of architecture

  • Pick from a variety of departure times to accommodate your busy schedule.

  • Through the live narrative of an authority, discover the city's architectural past.

  • Book in advance for this popular Chicago activity that regularly sells out.

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FAQ's of Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

How long is the architectural boat tour of Chicago?

Architectural boat tour of Chicago is a 75 minute guided tour.

What are the inclusions of the Chicago architecture boat tour?

  • The Chicago Architectural boat tour includes:

    • Onboard restroom
    • Seating is accessible outside.
    • Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Historic Chicago River architectural cruise with a guide
    • Onboard live commentary

Why is the Chicago Architecture boat tour so famous?

The vista is undoubtedly the most attractive feature of the Chicago Architectural boat tour. The scale and density of our skyline are unmatched by many other cities on the planet. The city is home to well-known attractions like the Tribune Tower and brand-new wonders like 150 N.

How to book a Chicago architecture boat tour?

Tickets for the boat trip are available online, over the phone (for CAC members), or in person. Members of CAC can reach the call center by dialing 312.922.

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