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About Museum of Illusion Chicago

Museum of Illusions is a world of optical illusions which excites its visitors with various exhibitions and activities. Within the world of illusions you will be able to find more than 80 exhibits that will make you question your ability to perceive things. With your Museum of Illusions Chicago tickets explore the zones like stereograms, holograms, immersive rooms, and optical illusions. All these exhibits and showcases are especially designed to tease your senses and mind in a fun way. It is one of the best places to visit with your family and kids, as the place offers knowledge about how our brain works in a fun and interactive way. The museum is also equipped with amazing spots which are perfect for creative photographs. You can pose with different exhibits as well, where our trained professionals will also help you out with the ideas to capture amazing social media posts. One of the most famous exhibit rooms for capturing these photos is the Tilted Room, where you will seem tilted towards the wall regardless of how straight you are standing. The best time to book your Museum of Illusions Chicago tickets are during the early hours of the opening hours of the museum, when the crowd is less.


Why You Should Book Museum of Illusions Chicago Tickets from us?

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  • Book in Advance Getting Museum of Illusions tickets is a tedious task, as the place is a famous attraction, hence booking tickets with us will give you the benefit of booking online with ease. With advance booking you can book your slot and get a confirmed slot within the area.

  • Convenient to reach out With booking Museum of Illusions tickets online you can reach out to us from any area of the world, be it from the couch of your home or the desk of your office, all you have to do is open the website and book your favorite spot where you want to travel. We have a 24/7 customer support system which will make sure you get all the information needed for your bookings.

  • Get pocket friendly packages Avail amazing Museum of Illusions discounts, as you book your tickets online with us, which will make your trip more budget friendly. You can book various combo tickets and explore more of the city along with the Museum of Illusions.

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Exhibits at Museum of Illusion Chicago

With Museum of Illusions tickets you will enter the world of illusions with more than 80 exhibits and attractions that will make you wonder about the concept of reality. You will get amazing opportunities to capture some of the most creative photos of your life, inside these exhibits, such as Ames Room, Tilted Room, and many more.

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Ames Room

The moment you enter you will be amazed to see yourself shrinking and expanding with your movement from one corner to another. This room is especially known for teasing our perceptual understanding with the concept of depth. The place seems very ordinary from the outside but the inside will play with your mind like never before.

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tilted room.jpg
Tilted Room

Do you call yourself the science guy and have strong beliefs that physics cannot be defied? Well this room is here to burst the bubble of your confidence because in this room you are going to oppose gravity as you are going to find yourself leaning without any pain or difficulty. These rooms are going to blow your mind.

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rotated room.jpg
Rotating Room

This room will enable you to capture some of the most fun photos from your favorite fiction or horror movie that defies gravity. These rooms are actually rotated at 90 degrees which will change your perception and challenge your cognitive developments. As you will be able to walk not only on the floor but the walls and ceiling too.

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infinity room.jpg
Infinity Rooms

As the name suggests it bashes your brain with the illusion of never ending space. An illusion which will make you think for a moment about the area this room has. Feel what roaming in infinity means where there is no end wherever you go. Finding your way out of this room will be an amazing activity to indulge in with your loved ones.

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vortex tunnel.jpg
The Vortex tunnel

Get ready to have your head spin and feel your heart racing as this illusion room has something very interesting to show you. This tunnel will make you believe that you are walking on whirling water while being on a stable surface. But hold the hand-rest as you may feel a little uneasy.

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infinity tunnel.jpg
Infinity Tunnel

Here you will experience the bottomless pits where you see and can experience an endless darkness. With your Museum of Illusions Chicago tickets you can make sure to experience the amazing bottomless pit hole which you have only used as a phrase till now.

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The-Beuchet-chair illusion.jpg
The Beuchet Chair Illusion

This room is one of the most famous exhibits of the museum which plays with the laws of depth perception and size. Here you can capture amazing photos and learn how a subject can change size depending on their surroundings, included in your Museum of Illusions Chicago tickets.

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clone table.jpg
The Clone Table

Book your Museum of Illusions Chicago tickets and experience what it's like to see your doppelgangers in real life. Sit on the Clone table you will be able to see five types of identical doppelgangers in front of you with whom you can click various pictures.

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Being a child we all have enjoyed making colorful patterns in our art classes, what if you get a chance to make one just being in a room. This facility allows our dear visitors to make various interesting patterns in multicolor.

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Experience an upgraded version of the classic turntables, which offer hypnotic illusions when stared at. Here there are two turntables which are spined simultaneously offering you a more strong and curious illusion of hypnotics.

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Tricky Stick

Another Puzzling usage of geometry, which will tease your senses and judgment. You can see a perfectly hard straight stick rotating over a flat table, which seems normal until it passes through a curved hole. Initially you find it unbelievable for your naked eyes, though you will come to know the science behind this mind boggling illusion.

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Rubin’s vase

Usually vases are used to put flowers and other artistic items but here you can see the numerous faces hidden behind these illusions. As you spin this well calculated vase, you will be able to see the hidden faces representing various segments of the exhibit.

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Know Before You Go to Museum of Illusion Chicago

Essential Information

  • Location: 25 E Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

  • Timings: 10am to 9.30pm (time may varies, please check the official website before visiting)

  • How to reach By Bus: Madison & Wabash (West) is 15 yards away, 1 min walk. Washington & Wabash (East) is 136 yards away, 2 min walk, are the two closest bus stops from the Museum of Illusion. You can take bus number 148, 147, 29, 20, 56, 2, and 6 to reach here. By Train: The nearest train station is Monroe-Red station, which can be reached by boarding train MD-W, ME, RI, UP-N, UP-NW. By Metro: Take the Blue Line, Red Line, and Green Line within the Chicago ‘L’ Metro system to reach your destination with ease.

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FAQs of Museum of Illusion Chicago

How long does it take to tour the museum of illusion Chicago ?

As this beautiful facility contains nearly 80 different illusions including stereograms, holograms, optical illusion and many smart playrooms for children so while relishing the whole experience you may take 60 to 70 minutes however your ticket allows you to be in there for 3 hours.

How much does the museum of illusion cost in Chicago ?

It charges different age groups with different ticket prices, hence on an average the ticket cost ranges between $10-$20.

When did the Chicago museum of illusion open?

Museum of Illusion Chicago is a recently opened venture as it was opened on 14th Nov 2020.

Is a museum of Illusion ticket worth it?

Yes, the Museum of Illusions tickets are worth purchasing, as the tickets offer access to around 80 optical illusion exhibits, making it one of the most interactive and fun museums. See how law of depth can deceive one’s perspective and objects around a subject play an important role.

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