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About Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium tickets allow you to discover the fascinating underwater world in a lovely indoor setting and be astounded to observe a variety of life in one location. The aquarium provides extraordinary opportunities to interact with animals like belugas and stingrays, as well as helps protect endangered aquatic species and their habitats, and rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife. Located in the Museum Campus on the bank of Lake Michigan, this indoor aquarium is home to more than 25,000 aquatic animals from across the globe on display.

Millions of people from across the world book tickets for the Shedd Aquarium to marvel at the stunning aquatic animals in their natural habitat and discover some fascinating facts about them. Shedd’s Abbott Oceanarium features the largest saltwater marine life, including beluga whales, sea otters, dolphins, sea lions, and penguins. Visitors can play, pretend, and learn through interactive activities about the aquatic life found in the Polar Play Zone.

Discover the many aspects of a Philippine coral reef, see stingrays, sharks, turtles, and more in the 90,000-gallon Caribbean Reef, or stroll through a flooded forest in Amazon Rising. Take a 75-minute Must-See Guided Tour to observe diverse marine species or enjoy special encounters with penguins, otters, or belugas. Enjoy the aquarium's 4-D virtual experience or opt for shark or stingray feeding sessions and have a memorable day out with Shedd Aquarium Chicago tickets.


Advantages to Book Shedd Aquarium Tickets Online

-Reserve your tickets in advance

Booking your Shedd Aquarium tickets in advance online ensures your access for the selected day and avoids last-minute regret due to ticket unavailability.


You can book your Shedd Aquarium tickets online at any time and from anywhere without standing in long lines at the ticket counter. You get skip-the-line access to the aquarium with these tickets, saving you a lot of time and hassles.

-Best discounts and deals

When you buy these tickets from us online, you can take advantage of great discounts and special offers on the Shedd Aquarium ticket prices, flexible cancellation, fast confirmation, mobile vouchers, and expert guides.

Activities to Experience at Shedd Aquarium

Giant river otter
Sea Otter Encounter

This behind-the-scenes sea otter encounter allows you to assist the aquarium's animal care crew in preparing a tasty and healthy meal for the otters. While they participate in a training session, you will also have the opportunity to touch or feed a sea otter while under expert observation.

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Penguin Encounter & Feeding
Penguin Encounter

Along with observing the penguins wander, preen, play with toys, hang and gulp fish, you will also learn more about their personal histories, during this 30-minute behind-the-scenes encounter. You'll be able to pet the bird's feathers and take a selfie with your new penguin friend under the trainer's supervision.

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Beluga Encounter

In this 75-minute encounter, you will come face to face with a beluga with a trainer on an underwater ledge and try various training methods. After donning waders, you will wade into chest-deep water to observe and interact with the massive fish up close.

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Shark Feeding Tour
Shark Feeding Tour

The 75-minute front and behind-the-scenes tour allows you to first have a close look at Wild Reef before visiting the animal care area to learn how food is prepared for different fishes. Be astonished when the sharks respond to their own version of a dinner bell and feed some other fish species.

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Virtual Sea Otter Encounter

You will meet the playful, attractive sea otters who live at Shedd Aquarium in this 35-40 minute Zoom virtual encounter experience. This behind-the-scenes tour allows you to observe sea otters dive, play, interact, make sounds, and groom, as well as discover how their healthy and appetising food is made at the facility.

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Private Virtual Experiences

Book tickets for the Shedd Aquarium for your group for a private virtual encounter and enjoy a behind-the-scenes experience with a dedicated programme host and an animal care specialist. You can pick from Virtual Penguin Encounter, Virtual Sea Lion Encounter or Virtual Otters Encounter and enjoy a memorable experience at the Shedd Aquarium.

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Animal Spotlights

Animal Spotlights introduce you to creatures that call Shedd their home, including dolphins, penguins, sea lions, and beluga whales. You will visit the Abbott Oceanarium to see animal care professionals showcase incredible animal adaptations and you never know who could show up during the show. The best part? There are no additional tickets required to take part in these experiences.

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Touch Experiences

Enjoy a memorable experience of touching and feeling stingrays, sturgeons, and sea stars and find out whether they are smooth or not with the touch experiences available at the Shedd Museum. Before entering into the facility and discovering all the distinctive textures of the Shedd species, you will be required to wash your hand with soap and water.

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Must-See Tour

If you only have a short amount of time but want to watch and experience what Shedd Aquarium's has to offer, then take this 75-minute Must-See Guided Tour that comes with a dedicated guide. A Must See Tour gives you admission to the aquarium and lets you see the highlights of the place.

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Giant freshwater stingray
Stingray Feeding

Stingray Feeding is a unique, hands-on experience that lets you approach these powerful, supple creatures up close, touch them, and feed them seafood provided by the caregivers. You'll enjoy feeding them their favourite scrumptious seafood meal and watching them jostle against your fingers and other fish.

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4-D Experience

Book your 4-D Experience Shedd Aquarium Chicago tickets to discover the underwater world and meet fascinating creatures like an octopus, sharks, and diverse colourful fishes. These experiences bring oceans alive on screen with special effects like air blasts, water mist, bubbles, seat vibrations, floor lighting, and back pokes to tempt your senses.

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Virtual Reality

Swimming with Humpbacks in Shedd Aquarium’s virtual reality adventure where you will follow a mother humpback whale and her calf travelling to the waters of Antarctica. You just have to board the pod, put on your VR goggles, and experience a 5-minute 360-degree, 3-D virtual voyage that will leave you with lasting memories.

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Exhibits at Shedd Aquarium

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Abbott Oceanarium

Experience the thriving coastal ecology of the Pacific Northwest at the Abbott Oceanarium and watch Pacific white-sided dolphins, beluga whales, sea otters and sea lions. Additionally, there are a variety of vibrant fish and invertebrates that live where freshwater enters the ocean or where the tides change the terrain from the sea to the land.

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Wild Reef

Wild Reef is an immersive and fascinating exhibit at the Shedd Museum that houses a range of fishes, from large sharks to small mandarin dragonets. Here, you will see sharks gliding by flourishing corals depicting the many aspects of life at the Philippine coral reef.

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Great Barrier Reef Tours
Caribbean Reef

The Caribbean reef exhibit features a complex yet balanced habitat in which bonnethead sharks, cownose rays, queen angelfishes, and a rescued green sea turtle named Nickel swim happily. Listen to the audio guide or ask random questions during their diving sessions to discover more about the local aquatic animals.

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Islands Shedd Aquarium
Island and Lakes

You may experience settings and animals from different parts of the world by taking a stroll across Island and Lakes! Watch for animal presentations at the Islands and Lakes exhibits to witness a variety of creatures, from cichlids and moonlight gourami to American alligators and map turtles.

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Gentoo Penguin
Polar Play Zone

At the Polar Play Exhibit, kids can put on a penguin suit and be a bird in the Icy South play area. From there, they may take a kid-sized submarine to the Icy North to experience the Arctic waters. Book Beluga Encounter, Penguin Encounter, or Touch Experiences Shedd Aquarium tickets to learn about the creatures at this exhibit.

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Giant freshwater stingray
Stingray Touch

You get a one-of-a-kind chance to come closer to aquatic animals at the Stingray Touch Exhibit by touching a stingray's back in a tropical water pool. Book Touch Experiences or Stingray Feeding Experiences to have personal interactions with animals and be amazed to see these incredible creatures flapping across your hands.

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Sea Life orlando aquarium tickets.webp

You may see aquatic animals from all over the world in the Oceans exhibit, including the Giant Pacific Octopus, Flashlight fish, Leopard Shark, Swell Shark, Horn Shark, Lined Seahorse, and American Lobster. You will also learn some interesting facts about these species through the audio guides.

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Singapore Botanical Gardens

Shedd gardens feature a selection of flora appropriate for the area's dunes, plains, and seasonal wetlands. While the strategically located rain garden's flowers, shrubs, and trees offer migratory and local birds, butterflies, and bees a secure, natural environment. Organic vegetable gardens produce healthy foods for resident tortoises and other animals.

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Visit this intriguing River Exhibit to see and learn about freshwater fishes from all over the world, including clouded archerfish, paddlefish, violet-line piranha, fly river turtle, and lungfish. You'll learn about the amazing adaptations that these river fish have made while living in the river water and be astounded.

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Know Before You Book Shedd Aquarium Tickets

Essential Information

  • Timings: Monday to Sunday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • Best time: The best time to visit Shedd Aquarium is early in the morning or on a weekday for fewer crowds and plenty of time to enjoy its attractions.

  • Location: 1200 S. DuSable Lake Shore DriveChicago, IL 60605

  • How to reach

    By Car: Take the 18th Street exit off of Lake Shore Drive, then turn left onto Museum Campus Drive to get to visitor parking.

    By Bus: Take CTA 146, or 130 to the Museum Campus bus stop, a few minutes' walk from the aquarium.

    By Water Taxi: Take a water taxi from Navy Pier to the Museum Campus dock located on the north side of Shedd.

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FAQ's of Shedd Aquarium Tickets

What is the cost of Shedd Aquarium Tickets?

Shedd Aquarium ticket prices are $39.95 per adult and $29.95 per child for general admission and $19.95 per adult and $14.95 per child for Chicago residents.

How to book Shedd Aquarium tickets online?

You can book Shedd Aquarium tickets online from us in a hasslefree way which lets you save a lot of time. Also take advantage of offers that we keep offering and grab Shedd Aquarium discount tickets on discounts.

Why is Shedd Aquarium So famous ?

Shedd Aquarium has one of the largest global animal collections which makes it one of the top tourist attractions in Chicago. Along with realtime animal encounters, the aquarium facilitates its guests with 4D and virtual tours in which they can watch these marine animals up and close.

Are wheelchairs available inside the facility?

Yes, wheelchairs are available which you can get at the information desk on a first come, first-served basis after showing Shedd Aquarium Chicago tickets and id proof.

How long does it take to walk through Shedd Aquarium?

The tickets for the Shedd Aquarium are timed, giving you access for 6 hours, so you can stay there for a complete six hours or leave early. However, there is so much to see and explore in the aquarium that you will not want to leave before your time window expires.

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